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Love Incomplete

Courtesy Magritte “Les deux amants”

Courtesy Magritte “Les deux amants”

Love incomplete

Can a stillborn love awaken a new self?

Sylva is in her late twenties, a musician from Sofia, Bulgaria. On one winter full moon night during the holiday season she pays a visit to her ex boyfriend Artur. The night becomes a catharsis, charged with emotions, a night to face open wounds.

The film analyses a dysfunctional relationship, the after effects of a year old abortion as it follows the comical animalistic revenge of a woman in search of her inner freedom and peace.

In pre-production

Planned production year: 2019
Projected length: 15 min., Bulgarian, English
Directed by: Ilina Perianova
Written by: Ilina Perianova and Adel Oberto
Produced by: Yagama, Ilina Perianova, Anna Dmitrieva- Uga Buga Art
Produced by: Eleni Dekidis- Semperia films

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