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Queen - short poetry film - 4 minutes

A woman is floating through stars, asleep to her real nature. She starts waking up, she is coming to a realization of who she is, a Queen. She spreads her arms, and wings appear. She has realized the divine nature of her feminity. She is in her power. She breathes and dives back deep into herself, into the waters of her emotion.

Written by: Yagama, Ilina Perianova, Anna Dmitrieva
Directed by: Ilina Perianova, Yagama
Based on a poem by: Yagama
DOP: Angel Balakchiysky
With: Mery Jagbesie, Adel Oberto 
Voice Over: Preyah
Sound design: Rossen Pavlov
Color grading: Borislav Konstantinov
Art director: Yagama
Costumes sown by: Raya Lachezarova
Make up: Violeta Chaneva
Recording Studio: Pavel Stoychev
Postproduction: Ilina Perianova, Yagama, Simeon Arabadjiev
Thanks to the team: Veselin Hristov, Krum Parvanov, Kacy Parvanov, Yordan Stoyanov, Hristo Dachev, Danail Vuckov, Lyubomir Gocev, Georgi Marino- Gopeto
Thanks also to: Mediewerkstatt Berlin, Mega Chrom Studio Sofia

Produced by: Uga Buga Art
Status: Festival release

Screened at: Athens International Film and Video Festival; Ohio 2019; Fest- New Directors, New Films; Portugal 2019 (upcoming); 3ème édition de cinéma Bulgare; Paris, Marseille 2019

For more information and a preview