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The ephemeral beauty who will melt your heart.


The ephemeral beauty who will melt your heart.

A mysterious girl appears in the lives of an elderly childless couple and a troubled young man and transforms their understanding about love and life. Loosely based on the Russian fairy tale about Snegurochka, this story is about miracles and  trusting the divine forces at work in our lives, and at the same time a poignant metaphor for global warming.

Date of Completion: September 2016/  Estonia, Bulgaria, Germany

Fiction, 28 min, Russian original

Cast: Ekaterina Egorova, Evgenyi Gaichuk, Helen Rekkor, Aleksandr Zhilenko and many others

Directed by: Ilina Perianova

Produced by: Ilina Perianova, Maria Kriisa, Yagama aka M. Perianova, Uga Buga Art 

Executive Producers: Kristiina Amor, Irina Frederika Tarvida 

Associate Producer: Katarzyna Kochani

Cinematography: Andrey Kulpin

Editing: Nadya Prakhova, Baros Demir, Ilina Perianova

Production design : Marjaa Pabunen, Ilina Perianova

Costumes: Vassilisa Danavir

Sound: Valentin Kirilov

Sound mix: Dmitry Natalevich, Ivan Andreev

Music: Björn Norralt

Visual Effects: Nicola Piovesan

Color grading: Kalin Petrov

Make- up: Edith Eller, Lydia Feodora

Main crew: Diana Jors, Akseli Virtanen, Nadja Girich, Enrico Rodriguez Barone, Paweł Dyzio Włazewicz, Ilja Shmidt, Erkka Lehto, Domenico Malcangi, Katariina Rebane, Sanna Maria Rink, Vadim Kozlov, Vladislav Mukovnin, Peter Trudolubov, Ahto Nuut, Emils Skrivelis, Nikita Shishkov, Daniel Picon, Svetlana Vronski ( costume Snowgirl), Teele Strauss, Bibi Kask, Anna Liisa Almets, Ruslan Grudev, Raunno Linamaeq Maxim Podolski, Alexandrs Okonovs and many Other people, who we thank with all our hearts

Thanks to the support: To our Indiegogo friends, Kehrvieder, Kompressor, Lime Buffet, Maiasmokk, Premia, Logotex Print,, Alecoq, Nutella, Ranna-Rottsi, Allfilm, Concept Studio, Kohvieri, Mountain Films, Mantikore films, Unised

Production: Baltic Film and Media School; Uga Buga Art

Festival Distribution Uga Buga Art, Promo Fest



Best Screenplay MystiCon Film Festival; Virginia, USA

Nomination Best Student Short Film Filmstrip International Film Festival; Romania


Best Screenplay A-fest: International Film Festival “Cinema of the future society”; Albania

Best actress for Ekaterina Egorova / Special mention at Balticon Short Film Festival; USA

Audience award Silverhorse International Film festival; Sweden

Nomination best short film Cinema of Tomorrow at 39th Cairo International Film festival; Egypt

Screened at

39th Cairo International Film festival Cairo, Egypt; Stonybrook film festival New York, USA ; Crossroads Film Festival USA; 45th Festival of Nations, Austria; In The Palace International Short Film Festival Balchik, Bulgaria; CineSol Film Festival, USA; Moscow Shorts, Russia; KINÉ, Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Mexico; Sguardi Altrove Film Festival Milan, Italy; SLWF- Short Long World Festival Argentina; Juggernaut Film Festival Chicago, USA; MONIFF Keene New Hampshire, USA; Tri-Cities International Film festival; USA; Cinema of the Future-A-FestFilm; Albania; Love International Film Festival USA; Green Me Festival Berlin, Germany; Festival Internacional de Cine del Imperio Inca: Peru; Festival Internacional de cine de la Patagonia Tierra, Mujer, Hombre Argentina; Ramunas Atelier International Independent Film Awards Lithuania; Espacio Enter Canary Islands; Kinomagic, Bulgaria; Kids First Santa FE, USA; Female Eye Film Festival Toronto, Canada; Regina International Film festival and awards Switzerland; Portobello International Short Film Festival London, England; Open Place International Short Film Festival Latvia; Pocket Festival, Bulgaria; 8th Muestra Otros Cines Argentina; FICP - Festival Internacional de Cine de la Patagonia Argentina; Västerås Filmfestival, Sweden; 68th Montecatini International Short Film Festival Italy; Cyborg Film Festival, Italy; Festival de Cine Fantastico y de Terror de Navarra Spain; Trani Film Festival, Italy; Best of Baltic Film and Media School Estonia; Golden Rose Bulgaria; Festival Internacional para la Niñez y la Adolescencia KOLIBRI, Bolivia

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